Getting ready to sell a house?

If you’re getting ready to sell a house, you’ll want to read these house selling tips. In this market area there are 100’s of listings that offer pretty much the same homes located on small acreage parcels.

I often ask the owners of the home or the borrowers what they find appealing about the home that they are purchasing. When I walked around this house, I consistently said “Ah” that’s a good idea.

If you appeal to the emotions of your buyers and create the “AH” factor you’ll have a higher probability to sell your home. Here are some improvements that are difficult to determine market value for, but may cause a bidding frenzy for your home.

Create improvements that appeal to men

Are you getting ready to sell your house? If your garage is oversized, create a work bench and storage bins in the garage, shop or basement area so that men have places to work or store there tools. If you have a larger enough yard, purchase a small garden shed convert it into a workshop area for men.

When your getting ready to sell a house, a second garages will be a significant investment, but many times, this will appeal to men, even if they don’t use it. Trust me on this one. It’s just a man thing. I’ve been dreaming of a second garage and I don’t even enjoy fixing cars. I’d never use one and I really don’t need one, but it sure would be nice to say I have one.

If your garage is big enough or you have room in your home to add an office, this is appealing to men. I wouldn’t sacrifice a bedroom for this, but if you have an extra room that you can convert into an office with nice shelving and extra built in lighting, this may be the item that sells your home.

Create improvements that appeal to women

Make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are updated to appeal to women. You’ll read a lot about this one, because women have the majority of the buying decision, so it goes without saying that the kitchen and the bathrooms better appeal to the women because they won’t buy unless the kitchen and bathrooms appeal to them.

Make sure that your master bedroom is large enough. Again, I would not consider tearing out a wall and losing a bedroom, but I would consider making the living room a bit smaller, if I could get away with it to create a larger bedroom. Once when I was looking for a home, I found one that appealed to me and seamed to be a nice functional floor plan, but guess what. The bedrooms were too small to fit our new bedroom set. This was a deal breaker for my wife, so we did not buy this home.

Add a garage door opener to your garage. This may be a little thing, but women will notice and look for these types of things, trust me. If you’ve lives in homes with no garage door openers, install one. It never really bothered you, but it pisses your wife off every time she’s thinking of trying to park the car in the garage.

Build a small water fountain next to the patio. These types of things will do nothing for the value of your home. In other words, the appraiser will not be able to support these improvements and many like this, because it is like a drop in the ocean, it just doesn’t matter in determining the value. But it just might be exactly what causes your buyer to buy your home. There’s nothing more appealing than the sound of trickling water and birds chirping when you go outside to the patio or deck.

Build a deck. This is another one of those areas that are difficult to support a dollar amount for, but if you’ve built a nice deck, this may be all it takes for your home to sell before hundreds of other homes.

Install an asphalt driveway to your home. If you have to drive on a dirt road, get out in the mud and drag it into the home, this will not make your women happy. If you have an asphalt driveway, this will keep the dust down in the summer and the dirt and mud out of the home. This is always appealing to women and men alike.

Create improvements that appeal to children

Build a play home for the children. Find the perfect corner for a children play fort with matching paint to the home, matching swing sets and create a mini theme. Go all out with this one and match and decorate everything. This will appeal to the children and the parents. And happy children make happy parents.

If you live out in the county, install some sort of basket ball hoop or other asphalt service so that children can ride bikes, bounce basket balls and be kids.

While walking through the home that just sold faster than 100’s of homes in the area, here’s what I notices. This home offered an asphalt driveway to appeal to women and men. This home offered a play fort with matching paint, safety fence, play area, and swing set to appeal to the children and the parents. This home offered a nice functional kitchen and dining room area. Bathrooms that are clean and well cared for and that appeal to women. This home offered a master bedroom that is big enough and offers a full oversized walk-in closet. This home offered an oversized two tear deck for entertaining. So you see this home appeal to men, women, parents, and children. Many of these items are difficult to support a dollar for dollar adjustment for, but these types of things will sell your home.